How to Protect Genuine Leather Product

We are determined to provide you genuine leather products locally and internationally, manufactured in Pakistan. We use buffalos, cows, sheep, goats and other animals 100% genuine leather at an affordable price but top-notch quality to redefine simple everyday luxury while also sustaining local communities and their crafts.

Instructions to Protect Genuine Leather: 

Keep your Leather Jacket and products dry. If it does get wet, make sure that you hang it out to dry immediately before putting it away.  Never leave your jacket folded for a long period of time, as this can encourage creases and cracks in the leather. Instead, hang it on a wide, preferably padded hanger in a well ventilated closet 

Heat will dry out and cause leather to become brittle and crack. Never lay your jacket on or near a radiator or heating vent, and never iron or steam it yourself. A professional leather cleaner will know exactly what type of cleaning process to use.

Customization with Your Ideas or Name:

Unique people should have unique things. We know how to turn our products into keepsakes so be it a gift or a corporate order, we offer customization of all kinds. To make your purchase or order one of its kind, get names, pictures, logos and anything else put on your favorite leather products through customization, which includes hand-pressed embossing as well as laser engraving. We not only design custom gift boxes but can also undertake stationery production for corporate clients.

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