Lavish is a multi business company based in California, USA and also operating in Lahore, focusing on Economic and Social growth. We are in the planning Stages to make Lavish a clothing brand and IT Services platform.

We have arranged two photo shoots in Hollywood USA. Lavish was also a part of LA Fashion Week and now we need to open a Boutique, Modeling Agency, farm and the Production Unit. The target of Lavish is to impact the Fashion industry​ and Social Development of Hollywood and Pakistan. ​

The main purpose and heart behind Lavish is to spread Royalty and Freedom by fighting against Human and Sex Trafficking and to end every type of slavery. The idea of Lavish clothing came after a lot of research and a personal story of how the fashion industry is shaping the identity of this generation and the ones to come negatively where a young person can’t be comfortable in their own bodies without feeling like their beauty is in how much of there skin they show, their body type, race and culture. Lavish clothing is designed to give the message of true identity and beauty comes first with in Lavishing and Loving who You Are than in the most stunning high quality fabrics. We are Royal people of God and God has appointed us to bring freedom into the oppressed, poor communities and to the darkest places of the world.

Target Budget is $2.5 Million, Urgent need $150,000. Investors can invest minimum $100,000.

Lavish & Investors:

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Lavish offers investment plans to the world changers to bring social change that gives benefits to our investors too. It’s a well-known fact that interest rates on savings accounts are incredibly low in America. In fact, the average savings account is hovering around 0.06% to 1% that’s such a far cry from pre-crisis times, it’s shocking. We are giving much better options 4%-10%; that earn fifteen times the average rate of 0.06%. Our investors are getting a financial and social benefit by investing.

Lavish Profit Plan
Premature withdrawal: 25% deduction from the invested amount between 2-3 years, while 10% deduction in later period.

NOTE: We are giving you the opportunity to invest, get financial benefits and stand with us to bring freedom. Your investment is creating jobs for People and contributing in a important cause to reduce the poverty rate in the developing countries. After recompense our investors the revenue will be use to educate poor children (girls and boys), in the next 5 years we will educate 2000 children out of 12 million children who are in child labor. It will also a contribution for a healthy society.

Lavish Future Plans:

Lavish Boutique | Lavish Saloon & Spa | Lavish Modeling Agency | Lavish Software House | Lavish Restaurant

Lavish Boutique:

Lavish Clothing goal is to make a substantial income generating industry to rescue young girls and boys and to create jobs for women to empower them and help them to reach their destination. We will also promote the fashion Industry, Introduce new Models and bring attention to the literate class on how to empower the illiterate community and show their Royalty to bring freedom.

Fashion & Freedom:

Terrorists were using males as suicide attackers but now they are using young girls and boys. Our Motive is to build this Fashion industry to end extremism and divert the attention of young girls and boys by opening modeling and entertainment agency in the Middle East to promote fashion and entertainment.

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Lavish in LA Fashion Week


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Lavish Los Angeles Deveristy Film Festival
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